With over 10,000 water damage and mold-related restoration projects, trust your business and home to the ABF professionals with the expertise, credentials, and knowledge to ensure your success.

Our experts are one of 35 individuals in the world holding the prestigious Certified Fire & Smoke Damage Consultant, and have over 10 years experience in residential and commercial structural fires, and wildfires. We are able to develop fire and smoke damage remediation protocols and eliminate smoke odors.

Disaster Recovery

When a storm strikes or a natural disaster occurs here in Southwest Florida, before clean-up can begin the full extent of property damage must be assessed. Protect your Fort Myers and Naples, FL home with an accurate assessment of the property damage, this is the first and most essential step toward recovery.

Advanced Forensic Technology

Forensic tools used by crime scene investigators have made their way into the building and mold testing field. DNA and infrared (thermal) imaging technology have advanced building forensics beyond the realm of simple visual clues.

Trusted Experts

Lawyers and property managers rely on ABF to aid in the resolution of legal claims resulting from unintended damage to buildings and the health of their occupants. We are expert witnesses specializing in industrial hygiene in Fort Myers & Naples, Florida.

Nationwide Coverage

In addition to serving Naples and the state of Florida, ABF now covers parts of the Caribbean as well as other regions of the United States of America. Our expertise and experience is unmatched in environmental forensics with years of proven results and successful cases.

Welcome to Advanced Building Forensics!

Mold Assessment, Water Damage and Industrial Hygiene Experts in Naples, Marco Island and Fort Myers (SWFL)

At Advanced Building Forensics, we provide more than mold inspections. We specialize in environmental forensics and air quality studies for commercial, industrial, hospital, and government facilities. As an AIHA Accredited Laboratories company in Fort Myers, FL, headed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist, we've gained a reputation for excellence across the country. We utilize state-of-the-art procedures like infrared thermography to test mold and identify bacterial / opportunistic fungal pathogen growth and contamination. In addition to our mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation services in Fort Myers & Naples, Florida, our staff is highly trained in all aspects of industrial hygiene and environmental solutions.

We also offer a range of indoor air quality solutions as well as water damage repair and Chinese drywall remediation.

Expert Testimony in Environmental Forensics

We've also participated in hundreds of environmental court cases as an expert witness. Many lawsuits require the testimony of an environmental specialist, and our clients have won favorable judgments in 90% of the cases we have been involved with. We've worked on cases regarding property damage, mold infestation, opportunistic fungal pathogens, insurance investigations, personal injury, workers compensation, OSHA compliance, class action lawsuits, and more.

Now Offering same day mold analysis to our SWFL clients and projects! Do you think you have mold in your home or business? The first step is mold testing to see if it's there. Contact us for more information.

A recent investigation has found toxic levels of formaldehyde in brands of laminate flooring. Click below for more information, and be sure to schedule an appointment with us for an Indoor Air Quality Consultation!

The Indoor Air Quality Association

American Council for Accredited Certification