Indoor Air Quality | Fort Myers & Naples, Florida

Indoor Air Quality | Fort Myers & Naples, Florida

The Air of Our Ways

ABF uses state-of-the-art gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Our precision tools can identify and/or rule-out other environmental factors that affect indoor air quality. ABF implements tried and true air testing methods backed by the latest in scientific environmental research.

Air Quality in Homes and Offices

Indoor environments such as modern office buildings and homes were once thought as workplaces free of overt health concerns. The recent movement toward energy conservation and energy-efficient designs, however, frequently leave associates and residents tired, congested, and complaining. These symptoms directly affect morale, absenteeism and productivity, often consuming the emotional vitality from entire departments. Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to evaluating and correcting indoor air quality issues in South Florida.

A typical study may include the following elements:

Microbial Contamination Studies

Mold, mildew and bacteria are apt to grow wherever a nutrient substrate exists and environmental conditions are favorable. Air and surface samples for these microbial organisms aid in discerning levels of contamination. If contamination is found, ABF is able to develop microbial decontamination protocols and oversee the project to its conclusion.

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is an effective method of quantifying airborne contaminant levels. State-of-the-art sampling and analytical methods such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are available, as well as direct-reading instrumentation. This approach also serves to rule out and document occupant exposures to VOCs, aldehydes, carbon dioxide, toluene, odors, ozone carbon monoxide, and others.

Environmental Factors

Factors such as relative humidity and temperature have a direct bearing on our perception of office comfort. Measurements of environmental factors assist in developing an overall "environmental portrait" of office work conditions.