Is your laminate flooring emitting toxic formaldehyde fumes?

A recent investigation by CBS 60 Minutes has revealed that certain brands of Chinese-made laminate flooring contains levels of formaldehyde which may not meet industry health standards set by the EPA. Formaldehyde has been identified as a cancer-causing material, and can cause serious harm to people breathing in these toxic fumes. The study reported that hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the United States could be exposed to dangerous formaldehyde levels. The primary retailer for such flooring is Lumber Liquidators, however other brands could be at fault as well.

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The Specifics of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is in the glues used to bind wood particles together in the laminate flooring. The formaldehyde can then leak into the air and be inhaled by homeowners. While it is legal for flooring to contain this chemical, the amounts found in specific brands of flooring are extremely dangerous and greatly exceed legal limits. Even trace amounts can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, and elevated levels have been linked to cancer.

So what is the solution?

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