Residential & Commercial Environmental Testing Solutions in Fort Myers & Naples, Florida

Forensic Analysis Beyond Visual Inspection

Advanced Building Forensics provides water impact, environmental forensics and air quality studies to commercial, residential, hospital and government facilities using the latest in technological equipment and procedures.

Indoor Air Quality

ABF is a leader in assessing indoor air quality and microbial contamination studies, as well as performing air monitoring services. We implement advanced air testing methods backed by the latest research.

Chinese Drywall Remediation

ABF utilizes a process developed to measure impurities in pharmaceutical products to detect and identify Chinese drywall contaminants at half the cost.

Mold Testing

ABF uses advanced mold testing standards set by the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) and endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Water Damage Repair

ABF advances the practice of infrared thermography imaging and documenting water impact on structures and resulting mold growth.