Opportunistic Fungal Pathogens

ABF is now offering new sampling method to detect Opportunistic Fungal Pathogens (OFP) for healthcare facilities, long-term care, immuno-compromised patients and pharmaceutical production facilities. The new Sporometrics agar-based method:

  • Detects up to 16 OFPs to the species level including six Aspergillus species, Fusarium, Trichoderma, Dermatiaceous hyphomycete, Paecilomyces variotii, Phialemonium, Phaeoacremonium, Purpureocillium lilacinus, Scedosporium, Thermotolerant Zygomycete and Yeasts.
  • Rapid 48-hr incubation period for quicker results.
  • Developed by Medical Mycologists and fully validated.
  • Excellent for detection where OFPs cause nosocomial infections.
  • Designed for patients and individuals that are immune-suppressed, HIV positive, bone marrow transplant, on chemotherphy medication and organ transplant patients.
  • Measures only viable OFPs.
  • Limit of Detection of 1 CFU/m3.